Downtown Portland businesses: How many open, closed or empty

Over 20 businesses have permanently closed

Amid the pandemic, protests and a homeless crisis, downtown Portland’s reputation has been the center of some controversy over the last few months. A new survey is shedding light on how many businesses have closed as 2020 comes to an end.

The Downtown Portland Clean & Safe recently conducted a survey of businesses within the 213 blocks that make up the area. They said they surveyed 718 retail and restaurants throughout the month of September.

Their survey found there were over 430 businesses still open, some by appointment only or with adjusted hours. 170 businesses were temporarily closed, or only doing online shopping.

Over 20 businesses had permanently closed, and there were over 80 retail locations that were not occupied.

You can find a full list of open businesses here.

One local business that was celebrating its reopening after it was damaged by the big protest and riot downtown in late May. Mercantile Portland is open again for the first time in four months.

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